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Couples Counseling – Appreciating Your Mate

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Couples Counseling:  Appreciating Your Mate

Southwest Florida Couples Counseling says: Having a Positive Attitude Toward Your Mate

In many marriages, says couples counseling fort myers fl there is a significant lack of appreciation and expression of positive regard toward one’s mate.  For a spouse to hear that he or she is valued for who they are and what they do, not only brings couples closer together, it makes a real difference in the way couples relate and work together.  Both marco island couples counseling and fort myers couples counseling agree.

According to couples counseling cape coral fl, couples should have a time set aside each day when they check-in and connect with each other.  At the start of each of these get-togethers the first 5 to 10 minutes should be set aside for the expression of gratitude and appreciation for the other.  The comments do not have to reflect a person’s monumental efforts.  To the contrary, focusing on the little things can make a big difference.  Showing appreciation over the small details, says couples counseling naples fl,  demonstrates to your spouse that you notice and really care.

To keep such a discussion natural, each spouse isn’t required to come up with something new every single day.  According to couples counseling estero fl and bonita springs couples counseling, the goal is to establish  a platform where a couple is can express positive regard to the other on an ongoing basis.

3 Suggestions

(1)  The statement of ongoing regard should be made directly to your mate.   For example, “Sally, I really liked the way you….”   “You went beyond the call of duty…”  “That was so thoughtful of you….”  Such words of appreciation will help connect the two of you as a couple says cape coral couples counseling.

(2)  The statement of ongoing regard should be specific. For example, “Peter, I loved the way you organized the kids to get ready for our day trip.  That really took a lot of planning and skill.  Things went off without a hitch.  That rally took the stress of the outing off me.  Thank you so much.”

(3)  Your statement of ongoing regard should reflect the your own personal experience.  To turn a statement of appreciation into one that really builds your marriage relationship, you should speak of your own person al experience rather than just talking about your partner.   For example, “Pete, your willingness to take time out of your busy schedule to help me bring those heavy groceries  from my car into the house, given my bad back, really helped me out.”  This is different from “Pete, thanks for bringing in supplies from my car the other day.”  In the first instance, notes naples couples counseling, you tie the event to what it meant to you personally.

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