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Alternative to Trad. Marriage Counseling – REPAIR Your Relationship

Marriage Counseling Check Up

Fort Myers Marriage Counseling

Dr. Ken Newberger says couples in SWFL often need help to repair & rebuild their relationships.  Cape Coral FL Marriage Counseling notes that every couple would benefit from an honest relationship check-up.  Proceed as follows:  Sit down with each other and go over this check-up once every quarter (as needed).  The idea here is to nip potential or developing problems in the bud.  Address any issues that have come between you.  Make it your goal to walk away from this discussion with issues resolved and your marital bond strengthened.

Discuss Any of the Following that Are or Seem to Be True

Fort Myers Marriage Counseling Check-Up Area:  We are Not Doing Well

  1. We are not communicating very well with each other.
  2. Our conversations are superficial.
  3. We are not spending sufficient time together.
  4. There is tension between us.
  5. Sharing opinions turns into a fight between us.
  6. We are arguing a lot about …
  7. We are turning away from each other.
  8. We are not being empathetic to one another.
  9. We are not considering each other’s perspective.
  10. We are not filling our time with fun and enjoyment.
  11. We are not being intimate.
  12. We have different goals.
  13. We don’t say, “I am sorry.”
  14. What else?

Cape Coral Marriage Counseling Check-Up Area:  I Am Sad

  1. I am not being heard.
  2. I am feeling lonely.
  3. I am feeling down.
  4. I am not clearly expressing my needs to be closer to you.
  5. What else?

Naples Marriage Counseling Check-Up Area:  I Am Angry

  1. I am irritable.
  2. I feel disrespected.
  3. I am frustrated / angry at you.
  4. What else?

Bonita Beach Marriage Counseling Check-Up Area:  I Am Guarded

  1. I am walking on eggshells.
  2. My walls are up (again).
  3. I keep my feelings to myself.
  4. I find myself avoiding you.
  5. I have concerns I am not sharing with you.
  6. I fear you will attack me if I share my thoughts.
  7. What else?

Marriage Counseling Ft Myers Check-Up Area:  You are Sad

  1. You seem withdrawn.
  2. You are not your happy self.
  3. Nothing I do brings you up.
  4. I can’t get you to smile.
  5. What else?

Estero Marriage Counseling Check-Up Area:  You are Angry

  1. You seem annoyed at me.
  2. You are routinely being critical toward me.
  3. Your hostility toward me has been on the rise.
  4. What else?

Marriage Counseling Fort Myers Check-Up Area:  You are Missing in Action

  1. You are not talking to me.
  2. You don’t know what I’m thinking
  3. You’re avoiding me.
  4. You are emotionally absent.
  5. You seem to be hiding something from me.
  6. You are spending more time with your friends.
  7. What else?
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