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Marriage Counselors – Rebuilding Marriage After Affair – Part 1 of 3

This is part 1 of a 3 part article.  Your worst nightmare has come true.  Your spouse had an affair.  Now you are unsure how to proceed.  But you don’t want a divorce.  You want save your marriage if you can.  What follows, note fort myers marriage counselors, is a pathway your and your spouse can engage in to help repair and rebuild your marriage.

The Big Picture

A vision represents a picture of one’s hopes and dreams.  For marriage, it is a picture of what you would like to see your relationship become.  A vision of the future brings clarity in terms of what one chooses to do and not to do in the present. For couples seeking to heal their relationship after adultery, it is not too soon to o begin discussing the kind of relationship they want in their marriage to be in the future.   The following five steps, provided by naples marriage counselors is intended to help you to accomplish this goal.

Five Steps To Make The Big Picture a Reality

1.Full Disclosure. It is common for the injured spouse to ruminate about the affair, going over and over what happened and wondering about why, when, where, etc.  In most instances, not knowing is worse than knowing.  The offending spouse should candidly divulge every bit of information the injured spouse desires to know say cape coral marriage counselors and bonita springs marriage counselors.  They provide a cutting-edge alternative to traditional marriage counseling. One exception to this rule is to avoid having a discussion of the specific sexual acts involved in the affair itself.  These provides graphic images that the injured spouse may difficulty with.

2.Apology. An acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the offender to the injured spouse, is an essential stepping stone toward healing.  It lies at the very heart of the reconciliation process.  And the hallmark of a genuine apology is defenselessness and vulnerability.  This is why so many people avoid it without at least some defense or excuse.  But a sorry without vulnerability, a sorry without the willing surrender of control of the outcome, a sorry that doesn’t yield your immediate fate into the hands of your injured spouse, is a sorry that is not sorry enough….

Continued in part 2 of this article. 

For assistance with your marriage, contact Dr. Ken Newberger at 239-689-4266 or go to his website by clicking  Dr. Newberger serves Southwest Florida, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and EsteroFL.

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