lake and trees marriage counseling alternative
A Cutting-Edge Online Marriage Counseling Alternative Solution

Why Engage in This
Online Option for Your Marriage
If You Live Outside of Southwest Florida?
Because the Process Works!

With a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, I offer an effective path to reconciliation that differs from traditional marriage counseling. Among my clients are, in fact, licensed counselors who, with their mates, value my help to mend their own marriages. There are probably many therapists in your neck of the woods. It is unlikely, however, that any use the goal-oriented process I have developed. Yet it is available to you through interactive, face-to-face meetings via the web.

Online technology has so advanced that such sessions have become commonplace. Personally, I have years of experience working with this easy to use technology, teaching in university and organizational settings as well as interacting with individuals from all over the world. You can benefit in the same way no matter where you live. The process I use when working with couples in my office, is virtually identical to the one I would use with you. Let me help you improve your marriage while you take advantage of an in-home doctor's visit.


online marriage counseling alternative
Dr. Newberger provides an
online, face to face service for marriages in conflict.  Repair relations using
his unique process
no matter where
you live!