Rebuild Your Marriage with
Goal-Oriented Process

Rebuild Your Marriage: Alternative to Traditional Marriage Counseling
Follow the Path that Leads to a
Happier, Less Conflicted, and More
Loving Relationship

Outline to Cutting-Edge Process for REBUILDING Your Marriage Relationship.
for a visual of the major components of the process

Phase One: Information Gathering

A. Testing the Waters (Week 1)
  1. Call me, Dr. Ken Newberger, for a FREE consultation by phone to discuss your situation. My direct line is 239-689-4266, or schedule a time to talk by clicking the blue "Contact" button on the bottom of this page.

  2. Initial Joint Session. We will schedule an introductory meeting. I will ask each of you some questions to learn more about you and your situation and to confirm that my area of expertise in resolving conflict matches your needs. This session will also give both of you an opportunity to assess your comfort level with me.

    • Prior to the meeting I will email you a copy of the ground rules to read. We will signe at the beginning of the meeting.  Click here to enter contact info.  to type in your contact information in the pop-up box.

    • Cost: $95 for the initial session lasting up to one hour
B. Learning About the Nature of Your Relationship (Week 1)
  1. Prepare/Enrich Couple's Assessment Report. (a) This unsurpassed diagnostic instrument captures in-depth information about the major facets of your relationship. Like an x-ray into your relationship, the results promptly reveal what would otherwise take weeks if not months to uncover, saving you time and money. This tool has been administered to over 3 million couples (6 million people). I have been a certified facilitator since 1988. The assessment will take you about 35-45 minutes to complete online. Click here after you receive your code. You will pay $35 directly to Life Innovations for the assessment and to score your answers. (b) I will subsequently analyze the results of your 24-page computer generated report.

  2. Confidential Questionnaires. (a) You will complete a 3-page questionnaire. It is specially crafted for couples experiencing problems in their relationship. You will each provide information about your respective backgrounds and perspective on the relationship. You will be answering questions you likely have never been asked before, the answers to which provide real insight into what is really going on between the two of you. It may take you a couple of days to think through and answer these questions. (b) After you send your written answers back to me, I will analyze them.

  3. Conflict Analysis Tool. (a) This tool assesses your relationship in four ways. (1) It looks at how secure (strong) or insecure (weak) your relational bond is. If it is insecure, what does the pattern of disconnect look like? Understanding the pattern of the disconnect helps identify where to begin the repair; (2) It reviews past relationships with significant others in your life, helping to identify long-standing patterns; (3) It brings to light the way each of you approach your relationship. Do you typically turn toward, away, or against each other? (4) It looks at the impact the tensions and conflict within your relationship have on each of you.  Note: After payment is made using the button below, you will automatically be transferred to the appropriate web page. You can begin answering the questions at that time, or write down the web address and return to it later. This assessment will take you about 45 minutes to complete. (b) After you both complete this assessment tool, I will analyze your results.
$240 per couple for 3b, 4b, 5b above, and 7 below.

C. Meeting Alone with Each of You (Week 2)
  1. Individual Meetings. You will each schedule a private session with me. The purpose of this meeting is to understand your perspective and experience in the relationship without challenge from your partner. Your responses to the questionnaire, as well as information gleaned from the two assessment tools, will be used as the basis for this one-on-one session. This very important meeting typically runs 1½ to 2 hours.

    Rate: $95 per hour

Phase Two: Change and Transformation

D. Building A Stronger, More Loving Relationship (Starting Week 3)
  1. Prior to the Second Joint Session.   Prior to your second joint meeting, I spend hours poring over all the data I gathered from multiple sources: results from the Prepare/Enrich assessment, each of your responses to the conflict analysis tool, your individual questionnaires, and notes from each of your individual sessions (paragraphs 3 through 6 above). As a result, you are able to bypass weeks of information gathering sessions that, quite frankly, would not yield nearly as much insight about you and how the two of you interact as provided by these tools. The process of repairing and rebuilding your relationship begins in the second joint session.
    Agenda Creation.  In advance of this joint session, I will create a goal-oriented agenda specific to the two of you based on the information that I have analysed and synthesized. Then, in each subsequent meeting, I will create a new agenda based on the progress made thus far. There is no charge for this ongoing, behind-the scenes analysis and agenda development (other than the amount listed above in red).

  2. Throughout the Proceedings each of you will be given the opportunity to tell your story. Differences in perspectives will be explored. To the greatest extent possible, barriers to communication will be removed and replaced by open and honest conversation. Various factors contributing to your conflict will be identified. Solutions that address core issues and enhance reconciliation will be pursued. Relationship building exercises will be assigned. The overarching goal throughout this process is to transform your stressed and conflicted marriage into a more stable, peaceful, and loving one.
    New Feature.  Between sessions, examples of the kind of conflict that has been discussed will likely emerge.  When it does, click the "Help for Couples" phrase in the menu bar above. Then, in the drop-down menu, click Incident Report. Here you will describe what occurred. This will help me help you as I prepare the agenda for our next meeting.

    • $95 per hour. Joint sessions are typically 1½ to 2 hours in length. They become shorter and less frequent as the relationship improves.

    • The same rate applies for phone appointments, review of documents, writing/editing projects, and all other services.

    • Brief advisory phone calls of 10 minutes or less:  No charge.


Payment is due at the time of service. Using the button below is also an option.


marriage counseling alternative process

Dr. Newberger's
Services Include:

  Weekday, Evening
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  A mediatorial framework that is more goal-oriented and time-sensitive than traditional therapy. A marriage could be long over before the results of therapy are seen.

  Consider this observation from an unsolicited source.
"We went to a therapist yesterday. However she didn't offer anything constructive for us
to do to better our relationship. She just kind of stated the obvious. That was why when I saw your plan it was refreshing since it has actual steps for a couple to take."

An online option if you are unable to meet Dr Newberger in person