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with a Distinct Alternative to Trad. Marriage Counseling  Naples  Fort Myers  Bonita Springs  Cape Coral  Estero


  1. Call me, Dr. Ken Newberger, for a FREE phone consultation to briefly discuss your relationship. My phone number is 239-689-4266.
  2. Testing the Waters Joint Session.  During this initial meeting, we will continue our discussion. I will ask each of you a series of foundational questions to learn more about you and your relationship, and to confirm that my area of expertise matches your needs. This session will also give you an opportunity to assess your comfort level with me.
    • Prior to the meeting I will email you a copy of the ground rules to read. We will sign it at the beginning of the meeting.  Please  Click here  to type in your contact information in the pop-up box
    • Meeting Length & Cost:  The initial "Testing the Waters" session can run up to 1 hour and 30 minutes and costs $150.


Improving your marriage begins with an accurate analysis of it. By engaging in "Data Triangulation" (using more than one method to collect data on the same topic), I quickly ascertain the underlying causes of your problems. This occurs before your next joint meeting (paragraph #8). You will be able to bypass months of less efficient weekly information gathering sessions, saving you time & money!
The Diagnostic Tools
  1. Prepare/Enrich Couple's Assessment. (a) For over 35 years, this assessment has been used by over 4 million couples (8 million people) for relationship improvement. I have been certified to administer this tool for almost 30 years. It will take each of you about 30-40 minutes to complete online. You will pay $35 directly to Life Innovations to score your answers. (b) I will subsequently read, analyze, and create notes on the results of your 25-page computer generated report.
  2. Proprietary Questionnaire. (a) You will each complete a 3-page questionnaire. You will be answering questions you have likely never been asked before. Your responses will allow me to gain deep insight into the nature of your relationship. (b) After you send your answers back to me, I will read, analyze, and create notes on what you each wrote.
  3. Conflict Analysis Tool.  (a)  Like an x-ray into your relationship this indispensable diagnostic instrument peers into your marriage from multiple angles. For example, it looks at how strong (secure) or weak (insecure) your bond is. If it is weak, what does the pattern of disconnect look like? Understanding your internal dynamics identifies where to begin the repair. Note: After payment is made using the "Add to Cart" button below, you will be transferred to this online assessment. (b) After you both submit your answers, I will read, analyze, and create notes on each of your results.
$395. This one-time charge per couple represents about 6 Hours of my delving into your lives at the beginning of this process (described in paragraphs 3b, 4b, 5b, 6, 7).  The amount also includes up to 10 Free hours in the "Rebuild" phase of the process (see "Unique Feature" paragraph below).
  1. Individual Meetings. You will each schedule a private session with me. The purpose of this meeting is for me to further immerse myself into your perspective without challenge from your partner. Based on my first examination of your materials, I will let you know which one of you I would like to see first.  Prior to your individual meeting, I will go over your materials a second time to pick out key areas and issues to discuss during our time together.
    • Length: 1½ to 2 hours.  Cost: $125 per hour.
  1. Getting Ready.   Prior to your next joint meeting, I will spend more hours pouring over all the data I gathered from multiple sources: (i) notes from your initial Testing the Wates session, (ii) results from the Prepare/Enrich Assessment, (iii) each of your Individual Questionnaires, (iv) each of your answers to the Conflict Analysis Tool, as well as (v) notes from each of your individual sessions with me.  I will take these various streams of data and painstakingly develop an integrated, goal-oriented agenda for the two of you.
    • A Time-Saving and Reliable Process.  The work to repair and rebuild your relationship begins in your second session as a couple (see below).  You are able to bypass months of weekly information gathering sessions that would not yield nearly as much accurate data about the two of you as gathered by this process.  Traditional approaches to marriage counseling simply do not zero in on your core issues as quickly and with as much insight as does this method.  Hence, evaluations of your relationship offered in other settings may not only be unhelpful but wrong when they are based on an incomplete picture of your reality.  That is far less likely to occur with my methodology.


  1. Joint Sessions. Throughout the proceedings each of you will be given the opportunity to tell your story. Differences in perspectives will be explored. To the greatest extent possible, barriers to communication will be removed and replaced by open and honest conversation. Various factors contributing to your conflict, including the not so obvious ones, will be identified. Solutions that address core issues and enhance reconciliation will be pursued. Relationship building exercises will be assigned. From start to finish the overarching goal, to rebuild your marriage, is kept front and center.
    • Unique Feature:  Prior to every session, I will re-analyze your relationship and develop an updated agenda of your next steps based on the progress made thus far.  This behind-the-scenes analysis may take me up to an hour (or more) to complete for which there is no extra charge.  In effect, you may receive three hours worth of work for a two hour session.  This represents a big difference from conventional marriage counseling where sessions last 50 minutes. The marriage counselor then has 10 minutes to write down notes about the previous client, take a bathroom break, and review the chart for the next client.  That is not how I operate. My thoughtful analysis of your relationship, as time consuming as it is, is an essential part of my work for you at no additional cost to you!
  2. Session Length and Rates and related info:  
    • Session Length:  1½ to 2 hours.
    • Prorated Session Rate:  $125 per hour.  (See also "Unique Feature" in paragraph above).  Note: I do not work with insurance companies.
    • How Long Will This Process Take?  Because each couple's relationship, history, and circumstance are different, the amount of time to complete Phase III will be different.  That said, the majority of couples can anticipate completing this phase in 10 joint sessions or less.  This assumes that each of you are open to change, are serious about making things better, and faithfully engage in the relationship building activities I assign between appointments.
    • Flexible Office Hours:  I try to accommodate your work schedule.  In addition to regular daytime hours I work evenings.  I also work Saturdays as needed.
    • Frequency of Meetings:  The first three joint sessions in Phase III should be scheduled three weeks in a row.  We want to build momentum.  Thereafter, sessions may change to an every other week schedule.  Either way, consistency is important to avoid falling back into old patterns.
    • Individual Sessions.  An individual session can be scheduled if needed to advance the process. That said, you can anticipate that the majority of our sessions will be joint.
    • If An Emergency Arises.  If an urgent situation arises and I am available to help, I will take your call even after regular business hours. A discussion of less than 10 minutes is free.  If the call goes beyond this, you will be billed at the regular rate.

Summary of Process

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Dr. Newberger provides a modern, effective alternative to traditional marriage counseling / couples therapy still practiced by marriage counselors and couples therapists today. Dr. Newberger adopts a framework that outperforms older approaches, less goal-oriented approaches. Dr. Newberger's serves couples in SWFL, that is Lee and Collier counties. You can find his home webpage by using such keywords as: "marriage counseling naples" "marriage counseling fort myers" "marriage counseling bonita springs" "marriage counseling cape coral" "marriage counseling estero" "marriage counseling fort myers beach " among others. If you're looking for a potent alternative to traditional couples counseling, if you are seeking to reconnect your relationship, Dr. Newberger will help.