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Bring your marriage back to life before conflict and detachment leads to its collapse.  Dr. Ken Newberger offers couples an effective, cutting-edge alternative to traditional marriage counseling.  With the aid of three sophisticated assessment tools, similar to x-rays of the body, Dr. Newberger is able to peer deeply into your relationship.  The results of these assessments allow him to immerse himself into your lives much more quickly and with a deeper understanding than would otherwise be the case.  Click to view his distinctive alternative to conventional marriage counseling Naples Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero FL.
Cutting-Edge Alternative to Trad. Marriage Counseling Bonita Springs Naples Fort Myers Cape Coral Estero

Startling Finding About Traditional Marriage Counselors

You may be surprised to learn that in a survey of marriage therapists over 60 percent said they were neutral as to whether a couple stays married or gets divorced. Only one-third agreed with the statement, "I am committed to preserving marriage and avoiding divorce whenever possible." This philosophy has huge implications.
Take the case of Stephanie and Max. They were seeking help to heal their strained relationship.  Stephanie reveals, "We were looking for someone to work with us on a specific plan for our marriage.  Instead, we got a totally neutral counselor who didn't seem to care whether or not our marriage survived.  We weren't neutral about wanting to save our marriage, he was."
Clinical psychologist, Willard F. Harley, Jr. observes, "People who seek help from marriage counselors usually assume that the goal of therapy is saving the marriage. Unfortunately, most marital therapists are specifically trained to be non-directive or neutral.  They see themselves as someone couples can talk to, but not someone who will coach them into changes that will ultimately save their marriage."  Yet evidence suggests that if marriage counseling does not incorporate the goal of relationship improvement, the likelihood of a divorce increases substantially.

Lesson for Couples Seeking Marital Help

Those seeking third-party assistance to resolve marital conflict should learn the approach this individual has and the role he or she intends to play before committing to their process  Are they goal-oriented and solutions-focused?  Are they willing to fight for the preservation of your marriage?  Are they willing to help the two of you engage in dialogue and activities that will cause your relationship to become reinvigorated?  Author Jim Kinnison notes, "Simply being licensed by a government is no guarantee marriage counselors have any wisdom or ability to help correct any but the most superficial problems in a relationship."  Infidelity expert Dr. Shirley Glass is more direct.  "If your therapist just sits back and watches your exchanges without providing any structure or direction, it may be time for a change."
The lesson to be learned here is that if there is no explicit goal of rebuilding the relationship at the beginning of the process, disappointment will more likely be experienced at the end.  Such was the case for Stephanie and Max.  They ended up getting divorced.

Marriage Counseling:  Reconciliation Should be the Goal

Dr. Newberger distinguishes himself from conventional marriage counselors. At core, he is a conflict resolution specialist who proactively helps couples experience a level of harmony they haven't had in years.  With a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and architect of the "Reconciliation Model of Peacemaking," he uses a mediatorial framework that is not about treatment but reconnection.  His approach focuses on stopping destructive cycles of behavior that fray the relationship. He seeks to replace them with attachment building moves that strengthen the bond from the inside out.  His goal is for the two of you to enjoy being with each other again in an atmosphere of peace and love.
Regarding Dr. Newberger's approach one unsolicited observer wrote: "We went to a therapist yesterday. However she didn't offer anything constructive for us to do in order to better our relationship. She stated the obvious. That was why when I saw your plan it was refreshing since it has actual steps for a couple to take."  Dr. Newberger will work with you to help you experience a happier, less conflicted marriage, a benefit to the whole family. Click here or the button below to view the outline of his step-by-step process.
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There are different approaches when it comes to working with couples in conflict. Some are more effective than others. Dr. Newberger uses a framework that outperforms older approaches to marriage and relationship counseling as it relates to repairing and rebuilding a couple's bond. Other research indicates that marriages are more likely to survive if relationship improvement is the goal. This clearly differs from traditional couples counseling / marriage therapy which has been non-directive. Marriage counselors, marriage therapists, and psychologists often take a passive role and serve more as a sounding board than an active champion fighting for your marriage and striving to reconcile your relationship. In the end, if traditional marital counseling does not help and the marriage does not survive, couples may feel that their unresolved conflicts are beyond the pale of repair. This, however, may not be the case at all! Enter this website to learn more about Dr. Newberger's cutting-edge alternative. Dr. Newberger serves Lee and Collier counties in Southwest Florida (SWFL): Estero, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and surrounding communities including Ft Myers Beach, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, and Punta Gorda Florida (FL). If you're looking for an efficient and contemporary replacement to traditional marital therapy, if you are looking to reconcile with your husband, wife, or partner, Dr. Newberger stands ready to help!